massive update

Yeah…I finally did it, I put our last jams on our myspace for everyone to enjoy. We can say our sound is changing quite a bit…more rythmic stuff, some new instruments but always as percussive.

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Back to life

I finally got myself to do something about our little blog here, even if no one’s watching.

there has been a lot of changes and advances in our project since we wrote our last comment here.  Something like 5 productive jams had been held at different times and places, troughout the summer. Some really interesting songs had grown from these and i should post them somewhere one day. Also, we are beginning to think more seriously about producing a real album, an object that we could handle physically and give away to interested people.

and we also took good time to enhance our rythmic skills, but not our compositional ones…because well…we still hate composing

anyway, I think that this is everything I have to write now for no one to read. I will be posting instructive messages like this one every day or so until now to keep me occupied and maybe attract one person at least to read this blog…

oh and there’s some pictures of my whamola and some random instruments too :









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The Gallow and AGM

Ph here.

The Gallow is now finished and for now I can’t really play with it because it’s exposed in the art gallery Expression in St-Hyacinthe for the exposition of the last semester of Visual Arts students. When I get it back, I’ll post pictures and stuff about it. Err… there are some little things to fix on it such as the glockenspiel that is currently unplayable and the strings that are not tuned correctly BUT! it is finished.  So if people from near St-Hyacinthe want to go look at it, it will be exposed until the 24 of may. There are many other cool things that are exposed too.

So this was my message for today, stay tuned for new and pictures of the gallow!

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Pickup winding

Tom here to tell you about something new I discovered. Which is, of course, homemade pickup winding. Effectively I found out that it was actually possible for a common human being to do his own pickups pretty easily (but with a lot of time) and I’m thinking of beginning this kind of hobby. This is why, last night, I began working on my machine, to wind my pickups, it will be made with almost 100% salvaged and repurposed materials like : vacuum cleaner moter, fan gradator, a BIG switch found at the junk yark, a piece of poplar found in the garbage, other scrap pieces of wood, salvaged wall plug, etc, etc.

So, if you’re interested in this kind of hobby too, stay tuned as I will probably post some plans, measurements, wiring diagrams and photos when I’ll have finished this thing and sure it’s working correctly.

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Whamola done!

Here is Tom, announcing you that I finally finished my whamola. This instruments really was a long time project (I worked on it for more than a year) and I’m really happy of how it turned out. I was trying, with that instrument, to stay away from the other home-made whamolas on the web, who frankly just looks like a wood stick, with two rectagle pieces of aluminum, a bass key, a bass string and finally a pick-up taped down on the whole thing. I wanted something that would have some aesthetic properties in addition to the musical ones (because it sounds good too!). Most of the instrument is made out of pine, but the fretboard (which is fretless) and the little pieces that holds the lever are in some kind of dark, very solid,  exotic wood. It also features a volume and a tone knob, and a 1/4″ jack, all installed on a shiny stainless plate. But, for sure, this description has no value beside the pictures of the thing, so I will post some when I’ll be able to do so. Voila.


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The Gallow and others!

This is Ph talking, I’m here to tell you about the advancement of the Gallow, it is almost finished. I am currently in the process of varnishing it and after that it will be painting time! Yes, I will paint on it! The varnish itself is already psychedelic I can’t wait to see how it turns out and it’s supposed to be finished for tomorrow.

Tom and me realized that we hadn’t did any holes for the guitar strings so I will add them before the end.

There will be photos!

The other thing I wanted to tell everybody, is the fact that we are currently working on a song! Yes, a real song not a jam like our other songs. Tom has made one too that he is currently working on and he will probably put it on the MyspaceMusic when he’ll be finished with it even though MySpace Music seems to be kinda down these times.

Oh and i’ll probably make three electric guitars this summer so i’ll show them to you guys too.

Well, this is it for today,

See ya!


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Instruments photos

So , I am here today to showcase some of our homemade instruments that we commenly use  in making our music. Today there will only be electronics, but percussions and stringed instruments are on their way too.

Okay, the first one is an atari punk console (apc), based on an over-popular schematic on the web. This little device creates some very basic square-wave noise and is composed of a 556 timer (double 555) which acts as two oscillators that can be controlled independantly, allowing you to change the pitch of the instrument. My version is case in a little wood box that I made, with a front metal plate that comes froman old train. Most of the knobs and pots and the speaker are recycled from old electronics. Here are the photos:dsc_9115







Now for the second and the third “instruments”. These are effects pedals that will be part of a briefcase kind of synth project (mixer plus lots of effects in one case), The first one is a noise 567 effect pedal based on the worthekik schematics and the second is a classic transistor fuzz face. These two effects are mounted on perf board and the knobs and buttons are mounted on brushed stainless (yeah, I got fancy there). Now for the pics:






So that’s it for the instruments for today. We are still working on some of the other ones, especially the gallow, which is a big project who is coming closer and closer to its completion. Also, we began to experiment seriously with audacity for song creation and we are working on our real first song now, so stay tuned for more…



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Welcome to our comfy studio!


Hello there! This is Ph and Tom of ssqpn:gl, and since we haven’t produced any music for a while we took the grave decision to welcome you in our studio!

You are officially welcome in the Ssqpn:gl studio and I just had the thought that we haven’t been very polite, we haven’t yet made the presentations! In fact, we did, but here is what we look like. The guy on the left of the picture is Tom, Mael is in the middle and Ph(me) is far right. Even though it looks big in this picture, the studio is actually Tom’s room and is somewhat crowded with the instruments. Oh, by the way, you can see some of the instruments here and there.


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Yes, Yes, we’re gonna have a whamola soon, lucky ourselves. Well as soon as I’ll have varnished and finished it because it is still in progress but the biggest thing to do on it is to install the pickup and the buttons, plus applying the varnish. Beside fo that we can say that it is finished.

Actually, our music production and experimentation is a little bit dead BUT this is only because we are working on TONS of new, weird instruments for us to experiment with. so, when this instrument making frenzy will have passed, we will throw a lot of new jam and continue experimenting.

That’s it,


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The Gallow.

This is the first post in the section ” Instruments” *hands clapping*.

Thank you, thank you. This is to inform our watchers (probably 2 people) that the Gallow is in progress and all I need to do now is to make the sound box. It shall be in linden wood. I know I know, it isn’t the best wood for making a sound box, but I don’t have time to ponder on such small details.

And now, I think it’s time to describe the instrument since it’s the first time that I mention it on the blog. It’s a mixed instrument made from a ; glockenspiel, wood blocks, pedal string guitar strings (haha) and chimes. I’ll put on photos soon since I have a digital camera at home and… that’s about all there is to say.

See ya,


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